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Lincoln's Neighborhood
Jo Davidson's Lincoln
The 18 inch high bronze bust of Abraham
Lincoln found in the Visitor Center of the
Lincoln Home National Historic Site was
created by Jo Davidson (1883-1952).  
Davidson was one of America’s most
prolific sculptors.  The Smithsonian has
catalogued more than 200 of his works,
and its National Portrait Gallery owns 60 of
his busts.  His subjects included many
twentieth century celebrities such as Will
Rogers, Gertrude Stein, Walt Whitman,
Franklin Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson.  
In 2006 the Smithsonian’s National Portrait
Gallery opened a permanent exhibition
entitled “Jo Davidson: Biographer in
Bronze” featuring 14 of his sculptures.
The Davidson Lincoln at the Visitor Center was a gift to the Site in 1983 from the
White House Preservation Fund and Dr. Maury Leibovitz.  The bust was cast in 1947
by the Roman Bronze Works of New York.  It reflects Davidson’s ability to portray the
inner spirit of his subject in the outward appearance of the sculpture.