SPRINGFIELD'S SCULPTURES,            Carl and Roberta Volkmann
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Around the Town
A sculpture that pays tribute to the Carl
("Coke") David Franke family, the founders
and owners of Paris Dry Cleaners, stands in a
park-like setting behind the main plant of the
business at 1013 East Ash in Springfield.  On
a core of an aqua painted steel beam, the
sculptor, Bette Franke, wife of  "Coke," has
arranged equipment discarded from the
business over its
100 years of existence in
Springfield.  The result is a museum of and
tribute to the dry cleaning industry.

Under the direction of Bette Franke, Bob
Jones, an employee of the business, welded
the structure.  Created in 2000, the
sculpture's oldest piece of equipment was
used in 1909.