SPRINGFIELD'S SCULPTURES,            Carl and Roberta Volkmann
MONUMENTS, AND PLAQUES              cvolk@aol.com
Educational Institutions
The “Epicenter of Choice” on the
southeast lawn of Springfield High
School is a very complex sculpture.  
The artist Kenneth Burg describes it as
a representation of “the transition from
adolescence to adulthood and the
different phases of personal
development.”  A Chicago resident and
Illinois Arts Council Artist in Residence,
Burg led students of Springfield High
School through the conception,
construction, and installation of the
piece in 1988.  
The sculpture includes three standards each holding panels of the human figure in positive
and negative space.  According to Jim Edwards, then Springfield High School art teacher,
these figures symbolize each human’s search for self.  The hands of the figures that are
across the body represent the inside search, and the hands outside the body signify the
search for self realization externally.  
At the center of the installation is a cupola with other human figures extending from a
triangular roof.  The “walls” of the cupola are copper panels with graffiti written by students
etched on them.  A time capsule consisting of 1988 newspapers sealed hermetically in a
PVC pipe is buried beneath the cupola.  In the May 31, 1988, dedication program Kenneth
Burg explained, “The literary copper plates and time capsule provide reference and
evidence of past, present, and future thoughts.”