SPRINGFIELD'S SCULPTURES,            Carl and Roberta Volkmann
MONUMENTS, AND PLAQUES              cvolk@aol.com
FEBRUARY 12, 1935
February 12, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, is a special
day of celebration in Springfield.  On February 12, 1935,
the fledgling American Legion made its first annual
pilgrimage to Lincoln’s tomb.  Among the dignitaries
present for the ceremonies were Governor Henry
Horner, national commander of the Legion Frank N.
Helgrano, Jr. of San Francisco, president of the Legion
auxiliary Mrs. A. C. Carlson of Willmer, Minnesota, and
Springfield mayor John W. (Buddy) Kapp.  The few
remaining members of the Grand Army of the Republic,
Civil War veterans, were honored in the ceremony.  In
addition to the afternoon observance at the tomb, the
American Legion held a banquet in the evening.  The
banquet program was broadcast nationally by the
Columbia Broadcasting System. (Courtesy of SVC,
Lincoln Library.)
Oak Ridge Cemetery